Alone in the daylight 

Sorry about that!

Wow. I haven't posted here in a while.

I guess it's because of school. I'm really trying to pass my classes. But what i'm really worried about is my Math A Regents. State-wide test that doesn't prove anything. Only thing it does is fuck you up. It's just a hyped-up test for the state. It's gay really...

But i'm looking for this book to help me study for it. I gotta rape that book. I really need to pass this test.

I don't have much to say anymore today. Future posts will probably have info on my anime stories.

- liquid

"You know it's funny. When you drive a car off the cliff your still holding the brakes. Try the emergency brake!" - Jack Handy

Mr. Priority

I don't get it...

Messing around in a video game...wait. No....CONDUCTING myself wrong in a VIDEOGAME completely banishes my morals and priorities? Does it make me a bad person? I just don't understand how people want to dislike me over a videogame.

Wasn't I supposed to NOT take a game seriously? Or did I not take the game seriously too Oh well. People dislike me then good job to me. I just noticed how nobody defended me. Or would the person that defended me get crucified aswell? But defending myself is out of the question. It seems that when people defend other people or themselves they commit a crime to society. Shit...I know I committed a crime by acting like an ass in a videogame. Atleast thats what everyone else is acting like.

Was I so wrong? Do I deserve to be hated/disliked? What exactly did I do wrong? Because, as always, I am lost...The fact that some people don't like me doesn't bother me. I just wish I had done something to deserve it. Not something like a videogame. Something people don't take seriously. Atleast in my opinion...

I still don't get it...

- liquid

"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility" - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Yeah...I "actually went on my blog"...

lol. Girls run from me! Ahh! I'm a lady! Ahh! I'm a bullshit leader! Ahh! Man...I would accept his rambling if I took an ounce of pride IN BEING the leader. It's not like I enforced myself in being this.....leader he likes to call me. I'm so blinded by leadership that I completely abandoned friendship!!! "It's not about winning anymore. It's not about skill. It's about how you CONDUCT yourself". Yeah. Conduct myself around the people im supposed to be confortable around. Sorry I acted like a dickhead around my friends and not around people that don't know me.


- liquid

"The problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard" - David Gerrold

I almost forgot!

They ALSO labeled me a "crybaby".


- liquid

"Tears are the silent language of grief" - Voltaire, A Philosophical Dictionary

Favorite phrase: I don't care! (I'm a bad man part 2)

WOW i'm so bad right now...

Starcraft. It's a great game. Especially when you act like a dick and everybody labels you the village idiot. Playing around we challenged Roel to a 3 on 1 in the game. He accepted. Yadda yadda yadda...we are losing. So I decide to "make light of the situation". One of my favorite mistakes. But like I said in a previous post. They can easily find perfect friends. I am of no benefit to them.

In Starcraft, we have this clan called HKM (Hunter Killer Muderer). Big mistake starting this clan lol. I wanted to start this as a playing around clan. Even until today it was a playing around clan. BUT! People wanna mark my actions as "moronic" and "pathetic". I TOLD THEM! Going into this was a JOKE. A JOKE clan. So that when people act stupid they don't get crucified for it. But no. I have to be crucified because I act out unleader-like stunts.

When you just don't care's a big relief. Big load off the shoulders. You know...I found it quite funny when they were calling me stupid and pathetic and moronic and all that shit. You know why? Because it was funny to see people get serious over a game ;). I mean...Roel is always preaching about how games shouldn't be taken seriously. But why this time to take this seriously?. I would bet if ANY of my other friends did what --I-- did they wouldn't of have said a word. "You call yourself a leader?" LOL. That was great. But what is it about me that makes people point out all the messed up shit about a person? Am I THAT bad of a man...

- liquid

"Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them" - Robert Jarvik


Full blooded italians....

It's the race of people that I worked for a couple of months ago. Don't get me wrong, i'm not racist. But I feel I have to mention it because I hate the fuckers.

I'm supposed to believe I got "laid off" because of bad business. I got fired because I fucked up a lot. But its not like I want to do just happens...BUT! This fat motherfucker, Charles Iovino, SWEARS he is a man. YET he can't tell someone to his face that he is fired for so-and-so reasons. For god sakes. I was told he fired people because his employees got more popular than him! Thats sad...And his wife, Diane Rose Ferrara, in my opinion, was a fucking nice lady. But after I got fired I was told she said things about me. Or maybe she didn't. Maybe I was told she said bad shit about me for other reasons...

Another person I thought was cool as hell was Thomas Russo...After I got fired I was told he talked shit about me too...WOW. Am I that scary for people to pretend they like me? I feel good....That makes me feel good...Same goes as with Diane...maybe I was told he said shit about me for other reasons...and they didn't really say that shit. But oh well. If they did then they can suck on my filberts =P.

Charles on the other hand...I KNOW he said shit about me. But never in my face. He would do the occasional name calling. (Dumbass, etc.) But I had to deal with it. His fat ass was my fucking boss. And now that he fired anyone that poses a threat to him in his little popularity contest, his store is going to hell in a hand basket.

I talk to my friend Shakkir (A.K.A. Slow) who still goes to the store. I laugh everytime he tells me there is RARELY anyone there. BTW this is a videogame store. Where I worked was a cellphone store right next to the videogame store. Charles owned the videogame store and Diane owns the cellphone store. AND I KNOW that the cellphone store is dieing. I hope the job is finished.

Bottom line I just wish the fat fuck would of have told me the real reason why I got fired. And they always made fun of his weight

"I'm not fat, i'm 6'7'"..................Your fat you piece of shit.

- liquid

"Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is" - William E. Barrett

"With liberty, and justice for all"

Just the SOUND of the word is fucking awesome...Justice...I'm all for it. Fairness...balance...
Too bad not everyone believes in it. I hope to one day name either my son or daughter Justice. I even want a tatoo my back with a woman wearing a blindfold holding the scales of justice...just something I would wanna do...

- liquid

"When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty" - Norm Crosby

I'm a bad man. I'm a bad man.

You heard the title. I'm a bad man. According to my ex-girlfriend...

It all started with this girl I met. Named Vivian. Pretty girl I admit. But it takes time to get to know someone right? Well I knew this girl for a week. And I saw she looked at me everytime I went to the nurse's office (I loked to fake sick sometimes =P). So I talked to her. And we went out for about a month and a week. Everything was good until my friend Roel got involved. I didn;t care at first...But when she started talking to him more than me...who could blame me for getting mad.

So I said that to her. And she tells me she is hurt because I feel i'm not as good enough as my friend. The bitch wouldn't be hurt if she realized what she was doing was wrong. Atleast in my opinion. But what the can she blame me? I'm only being human by reacting the way I did...

But what got me is she tried to make ME look like the bad guy. Like it's MY fault that her and my friend talked...Fuck that bitch....Who does she think she is? She is some 15-year-old slut that thinks she knows EVERYTHING about life. She knows nothing. I personally hope she gets hers one day...

A couple of months later...she gets a new boyfriend. Oh well. Not my problem. Atleast not yet. And I said "If he keeps looking at me im going to punch him in the face". SOMEHOW that was heard. And two days later, her new boyfriend's goon, Mike, comes from behind me, in front of my friends, and grabs my shirt. Now...this guy was bigger than me. Not saying I wouldn't go down without a fight, but he could hurt me =P. So my friend, Calvin(just as big as Mike), steps into the fight. He tells him to let me go. Him and Mike start to scuffle. Some peace-keeper people came and broke it up...Keep in mind I didn't want my friends to get involved...

They schedule a fight the next day. Everyone is there. But not for the entertainment value. I was there to support Calvin. As such my other friends. But one of my friends, Marvin(Known him for a while), says something nobody agreed with. He said the fight was just entertainment. Marvin and Calvin are friends. So we saw that as fucked up. Marvin wasn't hanging out with us for about....2 months I would say..I can't recall exactly. But during that time we didn't hang out, THE GRAND BITCH OF THEM ALL Vivian and Marvin began insulting me behind my back. In the words of the Queen Bitch "Me and Marvin had about a book of insults about you". Ehh. What got me is that I heard that from HER mouth. A girl I wouldn't mind gutting. But we are friends again...

I blame 99.9% of the problems I had with my friends on the QB. I seriously with I had never met her...I guess i'm a bad man...

May she burn in hell...


"You look in his face, and you wonder why god made such a man" - Rev. Jeremiah Brown, Inherit the Wind

Isn't life grand?

Hello NYC! City of assholes! Well...not everybody. But a damn large number of them. Don't take it to offense though. I think im an asshole too! But i'm an asshole by mistake. My favorite word in this whole world (sarcasm). How by accident you ask? Because my friends want to believe that I make mistakes on purpose. To spite them maybe? Yeah. I make mistakes on purpose JUST to spite my friends. Fuck that. I would cut off my nose to spite my face is that were the fucking case. I got tired of trying to be someone else. If they don't like my mistakes, they can easily find perfect friends. But oh well...thats life, right?

But I didn't start blogging because of that. I started because slowly...i'm feeling more and more lonely. And its not that I don't have friends...I have's because the people that surround me show no interest in the shit I like to do. I write a story for an anime and I like making rap beats. But nobody gives a shit. Not that they are supposed to, but it would be nice if they had some interest...

I feel so alone...

- liquid

"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William Ewart Gladstone

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