Full blooded italians....

It's the race of people that I worked for a couple of months ago. Don't get me wrong, i'm not racist. But I feel I have to mention it because I hate the fuckers.

I'm supposed to believe I got "laid off" because of bad business. I got fired because I fucked up a lot. But its not like I want to do it...it just happens...BUT! This fat motherfucker, Charles Iovino, SWEARS he is a man. YET he can't tell someone to his face that he is fired for so-and-so reasons. For god sakes. I was told he fired people because his employees got more popular than him! Thats sad...And his wife, Diane Rose Ferrara, in my opinion, was a fucking nice lady. But after I got fired I was told she said things about me. Or maybe she didn't. Maybe I was told she said bad shit about me for other reasons...

Another person I thought was cool as hell was Thomas Russo...After I got fired I was told he talked shit about me too...WOW. Am I that scary for people to pretend they like me? I feel good....That makes me feel good...Same goes as with Diane...maybe I was told he said shit about me for other reasons...and they didn't really say that shit. But oh well. If they did then they can suck on my filberts =P.

Charles on the other hand...I KNOW he said shit about me. But never in my face. He would do the occasional name calling. (Dumbass, etc.) But I had to deal with it. His fat ass was my fucking boss. And now that he fired anyone that poses a threat to him in his little popularity contest, his store is going to hell in a hand basket.

I talk to my friend Shakkir (A.K.A. Slow) who still goes to the store. I laugh everytime he tells me there is RARELY anyone there. BTW this is a videogame store. Where I worked was a cellphone store right next to the videogame store. Charles owned the videogame store and Diane owns the cellphone store. AND I KNOW that the cellphone store is dieing. I hope the job is finished.

Bottom line I just wish the fat fuck would of have told me the real reason why I got fired. And they always made fun of his weight

"I'm not fat, i'm 6'7'"..................Your fat you piece of shit.

- liquid

"Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is" - William E. Barrett

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