I'm a bad man. I'm a bad man. 

I'm a bad man. I'm a bad man.

You heard the title. I'm a bad man. According to my ex-girlfriend...

It all started with this girl I met. Named Vivian. Pretty girl I admit. But it takes time to get to know someone right? Well I knew this girl for a week. And I saw she looked at me everytime I went to the nurse's office (I loked to fake sick sometimes =P). So I talked to her. And we went out for about a month and a week. Everything was good until my friend Roel got involved. I didn;t care at first...But when she started talking to him more than me...who could blame me for getting mad.

So I said that to her. And she tells me she is hurt because I feel i'm not as good enough as my friend. The bitch wouldn't be hurt if she realized what she was doing was wrong. Atleast in my opinion. But what the fuck...how can she blame me? I'm only being human by reacting the way I did...

But what got me is she tried to make ME look like the bad guy. Like it's MY fault that her and my friend talked...Fuck that bitch....Who does she think she is? She is some 15-year-old slut that thinks she knows EVERYTHING about life. She knows nothing. I personally hope she gets hers one day...

A couple of months later...she gets a new boyfriend. Oh well. Not my problem. Atleast not yet. And I said "If he keeps looking at me im going to punch him in the face". SOMEHOW that was heard. And two days later, her new boyfriend's goon, Mike, comes from behind me, in front of my friends, and grabs my shirt. Now...this guy was bigger than me. Not saying I wouldn't go down without a fight, but he could hurt me =P. So my friend, Calvin(just as big as Mike), steps into the fight. He tells him to let me go. Him and Mike start to scuffle. Some peace-keeper people came and broke it up...Keep in mind I didn't want my friends to get involved...

They schedule a fight the next day. Everyone is there. But not for the entertainment value. I was there to support Calvin. As such my other friends. But one of my friends, Marvin(Known him for a while), says something nobody agreed with. He said the fight was just entertainment. Marvin and Calvin are friends. So we saw that as fucked up. Marvin wasn't hanging out with us for about....2 months I would say..I can't recall exactly. But during that time we didn't hang out, THE GRAND BITCH OF THEM ALL Vivian and Marvin began insulting me behind my back. In the words of the Queen Bitch "Me and Marvin had about a book of insults about you". Ehh. What got me is that I heard that from HER mouth. A girl I wouldn't mind gutting. But we are friends again...

I blame 99.9% of the problems I had with my friends on the QB. I seriously with I had never met her...I guess i'm a bad man...

May she burn in hell...


"You look in his face, and you wonder why god made such a man" - Rev. Jeremiah Brown, Inherit the Wind

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Sun Dec 26, 2004 11:33 pm MST by Anonymous

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